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Realmart is the leading E-Broker that specializes in assisting smart and savvy buyers, like yourself. What’s our secret? It’s very simple–Smart buyers can EARN money to buy a home, in the form of a rebate for up to 2% of the purchase price. You will enjoy locating a home that’s perfect just for you. We encourage you to search online sites, like®,®, or®, and will even set you up with auto-alerts right from the MLS system. Then just drive around and check out houses at your own pace without any pressure from a Realtor. Realmart’s agents are at your fingertips when you need help to:



In order to get a cashback rebate from Realmart Realty, a buyer rebate agreement must be signed. You can provide us with the type of home and area criteria, we can set up home alerts in the MLS system. All MLS listed properties are available for public viewing on various MLS websites as well as Not only can you be completely self-sufficient in your search by utilizing the tools on the internet, but you have a better idea of what you want than the typical agent selecting properties for you, this will save time. Once a property is chosen we write and present the offer, handle all the negotiations, arrange for attorney review, schedule inspections, help on a mortgage application, appraisal, title search, etc all paperwork thru the day of closing. An agent representing a buyer normally gets 3% of the purchase price. We give you 2%, and we keep 1%. Want to know more? Just text or call 973 337 7104 


Yes, we will not be able to represent you until you have signed a Buyer Rebate Agreement (you may cancel this agreement anytime). The Buyer Rebate Agreement will protect and guarantee the rebate at closing and our services during the entire transaction. Once you sign a Buyer Rebate Agreement with us, you must disclose, let other parties know you are being represented. If you are asked if you have an agent, the most appropriate response is “YES, I/we have an agent at this time“. Never misrepresent yourself to a realtor and/or homeowner or trick him/her into showing you the property, then switch agencies, it’s unethical. We will not be able to represent you if that occurs and you will lose out on the rebate.

After you sign the agreement, we will represent you as your buyers’ agent, We will provide you with business cards, and you can use them to show agents and/or give them out at public open houses to inform other parties you’re being represented. If when driving thru neighborhoods you see a home of interest, call us for availability. Only if we are not available and if the homeowner(s) are outside, introduce yourself to them and provide them with our business card, ask them to give it to their agent, so an appointment can be made.  Always ask them when is the next open house scheduled. You do NOT need to tell listing agent or seller that you are getting a Rebate, but you must disclose you are represented. We strongly advise you NOT to knock on people’s doors. We also advise that you sign in with Realmart contact information at any open houses, and leave our business card to the showing agent. Want to know more? Just text or call 973 337 7104