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My adventure with real estate began as long ago as during my studies when I first started working as a real estate agent, though for a short time then. 1992: Can you still remember rotary dial phones? Since that era I have changed the dwelling place, the profession and even the country many a time.I had many opportunities to use the services of developers, agents, brokers, and other people working on the real estate market. However, I was always dissatisfied with their service quality. I used to ask myself: “Why should I pay a commission for brokering services if it is only about registering those who are selling and those who would like to buy (especially in the Internet era)? Not mentioning the fact that I have to conduct the whole transaction myself whereas the agent bears no responsibility at all.”Renting and then buying a flat in Warsaw in 2014 gave me a sense of a déjà vu: signing the contract in a slapdash way before entering the building in which the flat I was interested in was, agents who were often over 30 minutes late, no follow-up call from the agent after the meeting… And what about the Internet? Around 30% of offers turned out to be out of date. And what did I usually here from the agent? “The offer is out of date but I have something similar for you” or “Let me check if it is still up to date and I’ll call you back”. And the last straw came when I heard “I will be eager to show you the apartment and give you the address after you pay a hundred zlotys”, which happened just before the apartment complex where the apartment I was interested in was situated.What matters to me are professionalism, efficiency, passion, and complex customer service. I appreciate my time and the time of other people. And this is something I thought was missing on the Warsaw real estate market so I decided to change it. A lot still needs to be done, which is quite a challenge to me. That’s why I decided to start cooperating with the RE/MAX network, as their standards and code of ethics agree with the way I look at the profession of a real estate agent. I worked mostly in the south of Warsaw, in the Wilanów district, where I lived and felt best. Since Autumn 2017, I conduct my own RE Agency under brand name. After family moving to USA, I continue and grow my real estate adventure. Now, in New Jersey. Welcome to Garden State! And… I am looking forward to working with you!See you soon!