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  1. Should I have to hire a Realtor or I can sell the house by myself?

It’s up to you. Both ways are good. Stats says that FSBO failed in 90% of their listings and that 90% of properties were sold by realtors. We are offering the third way which combined the pros of the first ones. Realmart is the leading online Seller Portal that allows smart sellers, like yourself, to decide your own commission while equipping you with all the services needed to sell a home. It is much more advanced than any For Sale By Owner (FSBO) site. Realmart’s process differentiates from FSBO sales in many ways:

2. How Buyer’s rebate system works?

Realmart is the leading E-Broker that specializes in assisting smart and savvy buyers, like yourself. What’s our secret? It’s very simple–Smart buyers can EARN money to buy a home, in the form of a rebate for up to 2% of the purchase price. You will enjoy locating a home that’s perfect just for you. We encourage you to search online sites, like Realtor.com®, Zillow.com®, or Trulia.com®, and will even set you up with auto-alerts right from the MLS system. Then just drive around and check out houses at your own pace without any pressure from a Realtor. Realmart’s agents are at your fingertips when you need help to: