Architecture is an art form that reflects how we present ourselves across the earth’s landscape and like other expressive mediums, it changes with style, technologies, and cultural adaptations.

Architecture not only provides worldly needs of shelter, workspace and storage but also represents human ideas in buildings like courthouses and government buildings and manifestations of the spirit in churches and temples.

Traditional architecture has survived over thousand of years in one form or another while computer added design and drafting offers new approaches in how we use materials and technology to shape the look of our environmental

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Building Permits are required for:
Roofing or siding
Kitchen or bath renovation
Certain replacement windows
New electric wiring, service, outlets or fixtures
Changing plumbing fixtures
Finishing a basement
Fences, driveways and pools
Most other home improvements!

Construction permit process:
Fill out an application in the Department of Community Services in City Hall.
Each kind of permit requires a different application so make sure to explain your
project fully at the counter.
Counter attendants will inform you if you need a Zoning Review.
Zoning Review forms require two (2) copies of the property survey showing
proposed additions or changes. Survey must be complete and to scale.
Several inspectors review and approve the application or if it is not approved
changes are made to the plans until they are approved.
Build in accordance with your approved plans and specifications.
At certain times during your project inspections are needed, make sure you
and/or your contractor find out what inspections are needed. You or your
contractor must call the Department of Community Services to schedule an
appointment with one of the inspectors. Completion of all open construction
permit inspections is required to obtain a Zoning C.O. as needed for sale of the
property. Make sure you complete all of your inspections before you release
your contractor as some items might need correction.
When all of your inspections are completed a Certificate of Occupancy or
Approval will be issued to you.

We can help on each step and be with you

till final positive result on paper and in real!

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